Andytown Coffee Roasters cafe takeover at Square, Inc

Superfriends: Michael McCrory, Lauren Crabbe, and Peter Cochrane continue to grow (families, business, etc) and show love as they do so.  I made the vases, Peter put them to use, and Andytown made it possible to see my pottery in the cafe at Square, Inc headquarters.  More to come…


New work! And news about upcoming sales, markets, collaborations….

I have been very busy lately making work for Andytown Coffee Roasters, Steep Tea Co, Oakland’s First Friday, and now starting to prep for a busy September at the Abbot Kinney Festival, Sunset Mercantile, and Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley.  And with all the making, I’m getting more in touch with my identity as a potter, what I want to make, when, how big or small, and who would I like to work with?

IMG_1185 IMG_1186 IMG_1209 IMG_1206 IMG_1205 IMG_1203 IMG_1197  IMG_1188 IMG_1218  IMG_1214 IMG_1232  IMG_1234

Please contact me directly if you have questions about the work or pricing.